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every now and then i have to come on here to remind myself of why i dont come on here.

i cant believe anyone on here calls themselves a feminist. pathetic. 

hint: feminism is not hatred of men, and if men and women each as their own demographic reach equality, there is no need for feminism. why? because that is the point of feminism. to support females as a demographic until they reach a level of equality with males as a demographic.

double hint: yes, that means once that happens, you wont have a way to attention seek via constant reblogs of whiny material. you wont be able to caption your reblogs with “Oh my gosshhhhh. This. So much this” anymore. You won’t have anything else to bitch about. And that is why, “feminists”, you need misogyny. Because today’s “feminist” movement consists of a bunch of irrational teenage girls, venting their momentary anger via femrage posting on the internet. And if there was no misogyny, then no one would give a shit about your misandry.

triple hint: people would take you more seriously if you actually gave a shit about human equality, rather than just your own demographic. really, if anything, i think this pretentious movement is doing more harm than it is good, because the only people that take you seriously are yourselves.

and you can take that to the bank sonny jimbo

fuck tumblr. im out for another few months.

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